Presentation Engine™ is an adaptive digital interactive storytelling platform that enables the audience to connect and take part in the story themselves.

01. A Revolution in Storytelling

We believe in the vitality of stories — that's what compelled us to develop the Narrative Process™ a powerful storytelling tool, as well as the versatile platform, Presentation Engine™, to communicate them.

Narrative Process™

We developed this methodology to craft immersive stories around visions, services and products. It informs everything from communication strategy through marketing and branding decisions to product roadmaps and experience design.

Presentation Engine™

This platform is a vessel for the output of the Narrative Process™. Designed and developed as a modern interactive communication and exploration tool, we use this bespoke platform to communicate the most complex subjects in visceral and tactile ways.

02. Installations

Presentation Engine™ is installed at experience centers globally showcasing applications for industry leaders such as Microsoft, E.ON and Uniper, while also making an impact locally for trailblazers like BeammWave, Parsd, and Geotab in their internal prototypes, sales and investment initiatives.

C.H. Robinson & Microsoft

Microsoft asked us to create an immersive piece for their trusted logistics partner C.H. Robinson to be featured in Microsoft's experience centers around the world.

See Case Study

03. Possibilities

Presentation Engine™ is easy to set up and use. It is a simple, user-friendly, web-based solution, which enables anyone to use the platform without special installation requirements.

In-person experiences are not always an option, whether due to epidemics or continental divides. Presentation Engine™ offers a simple and fun way to create and host remote sessions — both public and private ones. With Presentation Engine™ each user can get a prime experience with resolution, timing and interaction unmatched in any video platform.

Presentation Engine™ doesn't limit the story and its content to a single screen. Connect multiple screens through an intuitive interface and watch additional content come to life and broaden the perspective.

Presentation Engine™ uniquely supports physical interactions with digital content. Place a token on the screen and watch the content adapt and change. Placing a second token allows for interaction between the two. It's an experience unlike any other. Supported on virtually any screen with touch capability, from mobile phones to meters wide "tables".

We love to work with you on physical installations, such as showrooms and events. We not only ensure the flawless running of the interactive table, but we can compliment it with a branded stand, a customizable sound and light show and more. At the same time, our solutions are at the core, based on off-the-shelf components, which we can and have, installed both locally and globally.

04. Contact

The most exciting part of using Block Zero Presentation Engine™ is being trusted with our clients' vision. We can't wait to find out whose story we'll have the privilege of telling next.

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